Our Story



Big life changes can be scary, especially if you are just settling into motherhood. This is how i started. With very little money and big dreams, I took a leap of faith and started everything from our tiny dining room table. Now this brand has grown into something that truly sets my heart on fire. I am proud to say that Chic & Darling is a home based business. We take comfort (and pride!) in the production process that is all assembled at our very own nest. We cut and sew with our own bare hands. I have a sentimental feeling about the concept of home. I believe to make a comfortable one doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. It’s about being creative. It doesn’t matter how small or big, home is where you should feel safe and loved, and of course the fun part it should reflect YOU.

This shop is about making life a little sweeter. Everything that we make under my roof is well thought to ensure we end up with a collection of products that we would not only use but are incredibly proud of. Now I finally understand what my mother always say: “Everything starts from home”.


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