Product Designer


We’re looking for driven, passionate and detail-oriented multitaskers to join our team as Product Designer Intern. You’ll be working with our dynamic, family-based team at Chic & Darling HQ. Serious applicants, please introduce yourself, explain why you want to join us and how you can contribute to the company. 


  • Fluent in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, SketchUp, CAD etc.

  • Powerful in layout, color and spatial sense.

  • Creative and proactive with attention to detail. 

  • Skill in photography and styling is a plus. 

  • Passionate in design, art and lifestyle.

  • Have excellent time management, communication skills and can work well under pressure.

  • Have knowledge in industrial design/engineering/architecture. 

  • Educational background or degree in Product Design is preferred. 



  • Produce digital sketches and 3D models for new products. 

  • Create all product-related designs and patterns.

  • Maintain awareness on current design trends and influences to create relevant product. 

  • Source proper materials and colors for each product.

  • Create production timeline and execute it properly. 

  • Correct product faults and do quality control for all the products. 

  • Will be working closely with Creative Director.



Location Ciputat

Department Creative

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