Welcome To Our New Home!

Posted by: Kania Anggiani

Welcome To Our New Home!

Dear Friends,

We have not really welcomed you properly into our beautifully well-made brand new website and into the rebirth of this new blog. It doesn't feel complete to officially launch this wonderful platform without a welcome note. As this is our official hello, please allow me to share a little history of our journey. :)

Five years ago when I started Chic & Darling in March 2013, it didn't feel like an ambition nor any obsession, it felt necessary for my human instinct to survive. And at that time, I was surviving motherhood. What initially started as a simple creative output has now grown into this amazing company that I run alongside my girl-squad troops. When I decided to take the risk and invest in our first website that launched in November 2013, little did I know something bigger was happening.

The first website was my first encounter with the IT world and everything about programming and development. With almost zero knowledge of coding and HTML or whatever that sounded like non-human vocabularies, I free-dived into what they called the "e-commerce" industry. That first inexperienced website was the best learning hub for me and my team. The first five years, that website drilled me into a better person, not just as a business owner, but as a developer and a visionary.

Five years later, that good old website has brought us here today, a company that I am proud to lead. A company that is run by women, supported by women, but created for everyone. And let me tell you this, it has been such an honor to have you stay with us until today because the old website was a chapter we had to move on from. Today we are ready to embrace a new vision. 

Chic & Darling has now evolved from a home-decor brand into what we proudly call today a lifestyle brand that designs functional goods for homes, daily and wearable garments. This transformation did not happen overnight, but it also did not happen by coincidence. I believe in the process of combining personal aspiration and market demands, which result in innovation. 

With our growing community, it would be the greatest honor to also be a source of inspiration - a platform for everyone to experience a simple living at our webstore but also to have an insightful and meaningful read on our blog. We believe that everyone has a story to tell and this is how we tell ours.

This new website represents our new hopes and dreams, but most importantly it speaks for the present, even more to our hearts, and hopefully to yours. And just like everything in life, this new home is still a work in progress, it's not perfect but it sure gives us more exciting room for endless improvements. 

This new home is the epitome and also the beginning of our beautiful journey. As what we said five years ago, and we would still say it again today: Please make yourself feel at home. :)


Text by Kania Anggiani
Photographs by Asita Yulia & Fransisca Angela



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