Turning A House Into A Home

Posted by: Karina Leviani

Turning A House Into A Home

What is home? It is a familiar place to rest after every tiring day, a shelter under which one feels calm and safe, a place to just be yourself. Being at home should make you feel good about yourself that it allows you to just let go of everything that has been cramping your thoughts during the day.

Here at Chic & Darling, we believe that a good home is a work in progress. You don’t achieve it in one day but, it is something you work on continually as long as the house is yours. However, we do believe there are some little tricks you can do to somehow make your space feels even more holistic and whole, without too much of a hassle.  

Little details are a mood booster
Make your space yours by investing in decorative pieces that create a statement about who you are. Use rugs, pillows, or other trinkets that have personal value or are a great part of your identity. The key is not to be scared to experiment and be mindful of what you bring into the house. This means every single thing you keep needs to have significant value to you as a person. Your house walls speak a lot about your identity, values, past, and life. If you have empty walls, you can create a statement wall filled with photos of yourself, your family or your travels, or hang art prints that resonate with your personality.


Bring some plants into the house
Either plants or flowers, having plants inside the house makes it somewhat so much more comfortable. If you’re more of the flower type, put fresh or dried flowers inside a vase and place them over your coffee table or bookshelf or anywhere you want. If you’re a lover of green plants, get potted indoor plants and put them over planters so you can easily rearrange them inside your home!


Get comfortable
The one thing you would want in your home is definitely comfort. That being said, don’t be scared to make your house as comfortable to you as possible. Get throw blankets, pillows, whatever makes your lounge time practically blissful. To top it off, light your favorite scented candle or diffuser to soothe your body and mind.  Slipping into hassle-free soft cotton loungewear while sipping on a warm cup of tea can also put you at absolute ease.


Start a good routine
Maintaining an established routine at home can make you feel entirely in control of your own house and hence increasing a sense of belonging. A beneficial and easy habit you can start (and we swear by) is meal planning. Coordinate your meals throughout the week and shop your groceries accordingly. This way you're keeping ample food at the table, while also being mindful of what you shop. Another habit that's good for the home and your soul is decluttering. Don't hold on to stuff you don't really need and free up storage for your home. For a habit that's a bit more soothing, read a book for 30 minutes every day. It will boost your productivity and gives you something to look forward to each day. 


Invest in beautiful functional tableware
Nothing beats the comfort of homemade food and gathering together over a meal on the dining table is a moment that a family should be able to look forward to. We don’t know about you, but beautiful pieces of tableware make eating at home so much more exciting and enjoyable. Put on your apron, cook up your favorite food and have beautiful mugs, plates, and bowls to keep your dining table dressed and your family’s appetite hearty as ever.


Keep things clean and neat
Both for yourself and for your guests, always have an ample stock of tissue paper, a lovely scented hand soap and a kitchen towel to keep everything clean and wonderful.

Leave a bit of mess
A house can be in perfect condition at all times, but a home is messy yet beautiful. Which means, there is life inside it. And let’s face it, life is a bit messy sometimes. So whenever you step into your home and see a bit of mess, don’t stress over it too much, think of it as what makes your house alive.


"Home is not a place, it's a feeling"

Over everything mentioned above, the one foolproof way to make your house feel like a home is by cherishing the memories inside it. A late-night talk with your husband, a tearful phone call with your best friend, a fight with your mother, a crappy day after work or your baby’s first word, your home becomes witness to everything that happens with you and your loved one. So immerse in it wholeheartedly, for every single corner of your home is a precious treasure no other house can replace.

So what makes your house feel like a home to you? Or what things do you do to make your house feel like a home? Share your story in the comments below!

Text by Karina Leviani, edited by Kania Anggiani
Photographs by Asita Yulia & Reita Devita
Creative Direction by Michelle Ariella & Kania Anggiani



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