A Sling Bag that’s Traveled with You

Posted by: Karina Leviani

A Sling Bag that’s Traveled with You

Over the years, our journey as a lifestyle brand has been nothing short of exciting. From a home-office up until today, there is not one moment that we’re not grateful for. Yes we went through plenty of ups and downs, but one thing for sure, it is the immense support that we get from you, our community, which kept us going. You never cease to remind us that what we’re doing means something to you. We love being a part of your everyday life, and even more than that, we love becoming your friends.

Upon the course of our journey, we’re proud to house and launch a variety of different products from home & living, daily essentials, to clothing and accessories. One of the first and most popular one, is our signature sling bag. From the day it was launched, we’ve had never-ending requests of it and every time we restock, it always sells very very quickly.

That’s not all, w­­­­e’re also very much inspired by all the #lifewithchicanddarling posts of the sling bags you have been tagging us on Instagram. Looking at these photos made us realize that this sling bag is more than just a product, it is something that you cherish, something that’s a part of your life and also, your travels. ­­This is why, we decided to create a dedicated post for this signature sling bag and also using this opportunity to let you in on the thought process and story behind this sling bag.  

Below is Kania’s own words, as she tells her story:  

So this story dates back to more than three years ago. I’ve always wanted to extend the accessory line because I know it’s going to be fun.  We’ve made bags since the beginning of Chic & Darling but honestly, I’ve never had the courage and the capital to make more designs for the bag.  Now the look of this specific model actually has been in my head for quite some time, but the drive to make the first prototype was hard to come by, for reasons I’ve stated before. And even when we finally have the prototype, there was still a lot of trial & error process.

At that time, our creative team really struggled to get the bag right. What we did was using paper cuts to make the right composition, dimension, and comfort. And when we finally found the right fit, we then create a fabric sample of the bag. Even at that stage, there was still plenty of discussions happening with the vendors because some of the samples didn’t come quite as we wanted. It was a bit of the challenge to get it right. But when we did get it right, it was the greatest feeling ever. When we hold the bag in our hands, it was like, this is it! Everything was perfect and fulfilling. And after we experimented with different patterns, we felt even more satisfied with the results.

When we finally launched the bag, there was no sense of doubt. To be honest, we knew it was gonna be good, but we didn’t know it was gonna be that good. We knew it will be good because we were so confident, and at the moment there was no one making that kind of bag. Although everyone else was also making bags, this was the ‘it’  bag for us. It was the bag of our dreams. Even though the design and pattern were very simple, we were very proud of it and it felt very Chic & Darling. And that puts soul into the bag. From then on, we had the energy and urge to create a more diverse accessory line. It turns out, the intense journey gave us what we need to keep doing. So yes, to us, the sling bag is not just a bag. It’s so so so much more than that.

We also asked some of our friends who have tagged us with #lifewithchicanddarling on Instagram about their experience with this sling bag during their travels, and this is what they’ve had to say:

@febrinaadiputra in Osaka Bay, Japan and @_fivit_ in Fuji, Japan

“The bags are really versatile, cute and comfortable even after wearing them for the whole day! I also had fun playing mix and match with the bag with my daughter. Usually, adult bags have really long handles, but this bag can be shortened enough to fit a seven-year-old. She can fit her favorite toys and plushes inside the bag and loves the cute spots pattern as well!” -@febrinaadiputra 

“I am a mother of 3 and one of them is still a toddler. Surely you can imagine all the nitty gritties that I have to bring in my bag every day! All of them fit in this roomy sling. The material is also light, so it doesn’t feel heavy even when it’s full. When I went to Fuji, it was raining so the bag was a bit wet. I hurried to the mini market to get a plastic bag to cover this sling so I can keep it safe and sound!” -@_fivit_ 

@arninta at The Louvre, Paris & @933.na in Kashmir, India & @vivie.selalu in London

“I brought this bag for a two-week London & Paris trip. For me, 3 things matter most when packing to travel far with the whole family. First, it has to be functional. Second, comfortable and lastly, stylish. This sling bag from Chic & Darling fits all three criteria. This bag is perfect for light travelers and plus, the bags are so pretty, I’ve had countless compliments and DMs asking where I got this bag from!” -@arninta 

“I really love canvas-based bags but most canvas bags I found are without motives, unlike those of Chic & Darling. The mini size really supports minimal and mindful living, yet still first plenty of important stuff I need to carry. The bag is also strong but not in any way hurting even when worn for a long time and it became a statement bag to all my outfits for this Kashmir trip. It’s not easily broken or dirty even when scratched, even as I rode on a horseback! Every time I look at my bag, I’m always taken back to this Kashmir trip and how much I love it.” [email protected]

"I wore this bag for my eight-day trip to London. Aside from its simple yet eye-catching pattern, to me there was an added personal satisfaction to be able to bring something made and designed in Indonesia abroad." -@vivie.selalu 

Looking at all the photos and reading your stories, it is now apparent to us that this sling bag has reached a milestone that didn't cross our minds when we first created it. As you take the bag with you in your journey, you gave us the chance to visit places and countries we've never been. You gave us, Chic & Darling, a chance to travel the world through the products we make. And to see how this bag has made pleasant stories and memories as you wear it on your travels, it really warms our hearts. It's as if we were also there with you and that you want us to be part of your life. And as this bag has become an important milestone in the course of our brand’s journey, it is so lovely to see that the same bag has also made a mark on your lives, in one way or another.

@naraedgina in Seoul and @bnindyas in Medina, Saudi Arabia

@felysianurul in Turkey and @tantianayolanda in Bondi Beach, Sydney

@yulis.asmarani in Hong Kong and @luthfanrd in Wan Chai District, Malacca

@kekekania in New York

"It turns out, the intense journey gave us what we needed to keep going. So yes, to us, the sling bag is not just a bag.
It's so so so much more than that." 
-Kania (Founder & Creative Director)

And lastly, we’re going to still experiment with this sling bag and the accessory line in general. So, if you have anything you’d like to share about the sling bag, or this blog or anything at all really, please don’t hesitate to share it with us in the comments section below. And, please keep tagging us with your #lifewithchicanddarling posts! You will have the chance to be featured and get special deals on your purchases, and more importantly, the posts truly inspire us to be better for you. 

Text by Karina Leviani
Photographs by Asita Yulia, @arninta, @_fivit_, @933.na, @febrinaadiputra, @vivie.selalu
Creative Direction by Kania Annisa Anggiani



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