A Meaningful Day Filled with Life, Dreams, Blessings

Posted by: Karina Leviani

A Meaningful Day Filled with Life, Dreams, Blessings

After almost a year, Life, Dreams, Blessings The Gratitude Journal is finally born. To finally witness the launch of this journal truly feels like a dream. Stemming from Kania and Andra Alodita’s very own personal experience, what was once just an idea is now a tangible item we proudly present to you.

We knew the launching event for a product that is so special would have to be held at a special place too. After months of scouting locations, our choice finally fell on Aksara Event Space. From the first time we laid eyes on this venue, we can already see how the event will pan out in this space. Located in the hip district of Kemang, the venue was strategically located to accommodate visitors from all over Jakarta.

Due to the speed table pedestrian crossing project happening in the Kemang area, unfortunately the road to Aksara was blocked a few days leading to the event, which caused major traffic. But , on the day of the event the road was cleared and vehicles can come and park at the space. At around 9 am, guests have started coming to the venue. Immediately after coming, they were welcomed by a thoughtful goodie bag, well provided by our friends Lemonilo, By Lizzie Parra and Beauty Barn. Stepping into the fully transformed space, guests took their seats before the designated backdrop and eased themselves over coffee, tea and nibbles provided by Ruang Seduh.

An hour later, the sharing discussion starts. Ucita Pohan moderated the talk show with effortless fluency. Her witty jokes immediately drew laughter from the audience yet her firm and meaningful insights really brought the discussion even deeper. Andra Alodita along with Kania shared their experience on mental health conditions, pointing specifically on normalizing conversations on mental health.

Also sharing his insights on media representation on mental health and happiness was David from Greatmind. He pointed out that media is also responsible for shaping the perception of mental health and building the right perception is not easy but should be a collective effort. Chic & Darling believes in spreading this good message and with help from media partners and friends such as Greatmind, Living Loving and Manual, hopefully this goal is a step nearer.

An unexpected yet beautiful twist on the sharing discussion was during the question and answer session with the audience. Tearful stories were told and the atmosphere became so intimate in just a second. Raden Prisya, who was among the audience, also shared her heartfelt thank you for making a product that is so thoughtful and meaningful, which drew instant tears from both Andra and Kania.

We would really like to say thank you to everyone who came to the sharing discussion session and for sharing your story with us. It took great courage to be present and be honest about what you’re going through and we appreciate you for that. We really hope the short conversation would be enough to help you find your strength and be grateful with what you have in this life.

The sharing discussion wasn’t the only thing happening at Aksara that day. To give the journal the spotlight it deserves, we also created a mini pop-up display in Aksara, specially designed to highlight the journal and the merchandise that comes with it. Also beautifying the pop-up display were beautiful centerpieces by Irene & Flowers. The flowers were gentle, striking yet subtle, and beautiful from every angle, the perfect final touch to the displays.

We would also like to say thank you to everyone who came and supported the launch event, from the sharing discussion and all the way to mini pop-up. We hope this day is as meaningful to you as it was to us. Thank you for all the love and support. We really wouldn’t have made it this far without you.

"Everything is possible when you have the right people there to support you"

Text by Karina Leviani
Photographs by Asita Yulia
Creative Direction by Kania Anggiani







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