A Look Back on Chic & Darling at Brightspot Market 2019

Posted by: Karina Leviani

A Look Back on Chic & Darling at Brightspot Market 2019

As we’ve been pretty hectic with life and all the exciting things that are going on with Chic & Darling, we realized we haven’t had the chance to share with you our Brightspot Market experience. This year, we have a little bit of something old and a little bit (or plenty) of something new. But above it all, one thing stays the same. We had a wonderful-wonderful time meeting you in person.

One thing that really stood out to us this year was the venue choice. Last year, it was done at one of the prominent shopping malls in Jakarta. This year the venue is an interesting mix. It is part mall, part office building, but one thing for sure, it was entirely and completely new. District 8 was meant as a mall, located in the heart of SCBD and Senopati area. Brightspot was the first one to make use of this multiple-story building and we personally think they did a very good job. Walking into Brightspot Market felt like entering a mall, filled with local brands throughout. Not to mention, the brands participating really gave an effort to create beautiful looking booths which makes the experience so much more fun.

The F&B area was located on the top floor, entirely separated from the market. With all kinds of food and drink vendors around it, the floor felt like a designated food court for the visitors. With this kind of layout, it was easy for the visitors to feel welcome and spend a lot of time exploring and enjoying their weekend. With Brightspot evidently stepping up their game this year, we knew we also had to do something extra to match the hype. So, we mustered up the courage to go ahead and took a bigger booth size than last year.

Our custom-made booth this year is twice bigger than it was last year and is specially designed so that visitors can have a comfortable shopping experience. With an open-space layout with a retail-like display surrounding it, we want the booth to display all the goods while still having enough space for you to take a look at each one of them properly. Upgrading booth size isn’t the only thing we’re doing to advance the level of our presence in this year’s Brightspot, we also released new collections and product lines exclusively in this event.

Transcend, our newest To Wear collection, was made to inspire women to become a better version of themselves through the simple things they do. Accompanying the release, we are also proudly launching our first ever adult shoe collection. That’s not all, we also braved ourselves to step a bit of our comfort zone and produced a swimwear line that answered our own frustration in finding functional yet stylish water wear. All of this new release is very meaningful to us personally and is a fruit of labor from everyone at Chic & Darling. Exclusively launching them in Brightspot will give these new collections the spotlight and attention it deserves. And honestly speaking, we’re really overwhelmed with all the love and support you have shown to our new products!

We’d like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our friends, family, and community for coming and supporting us throughout the four-day event. Thank you for stopping by and saying hi. We wouldn’t have made it this far without you and we want to keep on improving ourselves to give you something better every single day.

If you have feedback or inputs you’d like to share, be it product suggestions, a comment about our booth or service, or perhaps about this blog post, please don’t hesitate to hit us up! We’d really love to hear from you :) See you on the next Brightspot Market!

Text by Karina Leviani
Photos by Reita Devita
Creative Direction by Michelle Ariella & Kania Anggiani



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